STC University, Software Training

STC University - Truckmate TrainingUnlock even greater value from your Transportation Software products and services. Chances are that your staff is using only a fraction of the true capabilities of your operations and maintenance software. Leverage your existing investment with our team of trainers.

Do your people really know all the software ins and outs that help to automate daily tasks, speed up data entry, reduce errors, improve planning and business productivity?

Is there a powerful feature in the software, that your people are unaware of, that could be just what they need to be more effective at what they do?

For larger classes, we offer on-site training, and customized programs for your needs. That way you can get your team up to speed as cost effectively as possible, and as quickly as possible. The sooner they are trained, the sooner you start making savings, possibly hundreds or thousands a day!

For smaller groups and individuals, we offer on-line training, using state of the art tools such as Skype 🙂

These are not automated programs, but real trainers, who can answer questions and tailor their programs to fit the needs of your people.

Call now to discuss your needs and what we can do to help.