Web Integration

A Website Is Not Enough…

You need to integrate your business systems with the Internet to create web-enabled solutions for your business and your customers. At Strong Tower Consulting, we can help you to do this.

Load PostingExample: Load Posting Information

This is an example of providing relevant and up-to-date information on your website.

Our customer wanted to show a list of loads on their web for drivers. We got Transportation Software to output a list periodically and send that over to their website. The information was formatted into a page that can be viewed by those who need the information, together with phone numbers to call.


Application FormExample: Employment Application

Our customer wanted an easy way for potential recruits to fill in an application form online. It had to collect all the required information, yet not seem too overwhelming. The completed information is sent to their HR department, and no data is stored on the web server.

The form is divided into sections, with rounded borders to identify them. Some questions are hidden and only visible if they are needed, based on responses to earlier questions.

This is a good example of making it possible for people to interact with your site.

Web IntegrationExample: Web Services

This page is an example, using web services to access data on a private DB2  database, and provide live reports on the website.

Click on the image on the right. The report is generated while you wait, and would change as the database is updated. This is of course using some test data, but it gives you an idea. We can use different queries to gather different data, as needed.

Web Integration AJAX ExampleExample: AJAX

This page goes further than the last example. The web browser can connect directly to get updates on the fly, updating the page without needing a complete refresh.

Click on the image on the right, then select a client in the drop down menu. The report is generated dynamically, and changes as the database is updated. We can use different queries to gather different data, as needed.

Add Client Web example

Example 3 – Add Client

This example allows adding clients, and uses various web services to do the job.

Click on the image on the right, then fill in the form to see it in action.