On Site Support

Affordability & Peace Of Mind

Ongoing Consulting Service Agreement

Several of our customers enjoy the benefits of an ongoing on-site support agreement. For a fixed price, you can get our staff on-site for a certain number of days per month. This gives you the peace of mind, knowing that we will be there to help you, while at the same time the fixed price is something you can budget for and include in your budget forecasting.

While we take all calls for our services seriously, we do block out dates for our on-site maintenance customers in advance. This way they get committed dates, and the comfort of knowing we will be there. Obviously, clients without an ongoing on-site maintenance agreement are scheduled after that, so you might not get the dates you want if it is a busy time for us and our customers. So if you want the knowledge that we will be there on a regular basis, we urge you to contact us and take advantage of this kind of agreement.

While on-site, our staff can do anything you need, such as software training, configuration, installation, upgrades and troubleshooting. If you need something specific for one of our visits, it is best to let us know in advance so we are better prepared to deliver our best service.

If you are currently with another vendor and you are not getting what you want from them, we would be happy to discuss with you how we can help. Call today to discuss a brighter future with us.

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